Cicadas, pollen and other summertime car killers

A cicada warms its wings on a fence. (Courtesy of Christina Bennett)

WASHINGTON – A brood of 17-year cicadas is creating quite the buzz around here. And while the big-eyed bugs are no harm to you, your car is another story.

Let’s say you’re motoring up the highway and have a close encounter of the messy kind with one of these winged behemoths. After saying, “rest in peace, my little friend,” your thoughts may turn to your car’s finish.

And they should.

Along with cicada guts, pollen, tree droppings and other natural hazards can damage that new car shine, so what’s a car lover to do?

Consumer Reports says the answer is regular waxing.

Tests have shown that a coat of car wax lasts only a few weeks, so be ready to “wax on, wax off” several times this year.

Consumer Reports also has recommendations on which car wax to buy.

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