What do you consider cheating in the age of Facebook?

For 79 percent, sexy text messages are considered cheating. (Thinkstock)

What do you consider cheating? Is sending an ex a note on Facebook cheating? Is texting an old flame? Post a comment in this story, comment on WTOP’s Facebook Page or use #WTOP on Twitter.

WASHINGTON – Does the definition of cheating change when you enter the world of social media?

For some it does.

According to a new poll conducted by HuffPost Divorce and YouGov, 79 percent of people consider it cheating if their significant other sends sexy text messages or pictures to someone else.

Sixty percent say that forming a deep emotional connection with someone other than their partner is cheating.

Surprisingly, only 48 percent of the 1,000 adults surveyed said they would consider it cheating if their significant other kissed someone on the lips.

Twenty-four percent of people say they consider it cheating if a partner reaches out to an ex on Facebook.

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