Verizon estimates evening restoration of services in Loudoun County

UPDATE: Thursday – 5/2/2013, 3:42pm ET

WASHINGTON – Verizon crews are in the process of replacing the damaged section of fiber-optic cable and expect to restore service to customers by 8 p.m. Thursday.

EARLIER: Thursday – 5/2/2013, 12:02pm ET

WASHINGTON – Verizon FiOS customers in parts of Loudoun County may be without service for some time due to a damaged fiber-optic line.

A spokesman with Verizon says there appears to be an apparent cut or some kind of damage causing the outage in the South Riding area of Arcola.

Verizon says voice, Internet and video services may be affected.

Crews are in the area trying to determine the cause of the outage and to restore service to customers.

There is road construction in the area around Gum Springs Road and Route 50 that may have contributed to the disruption.

Verizon does not have an estimated time of restoration.

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