The bucket list: Are you living life to the fullest?

WASHINGTON – What makes your life full and complete?

A team of British researchers asked 2,000 people to come up with a list of 50 things that everyone should do in their lives at least once.

Money was top of mind for a lot of participants, especially for those who want to pay off debt, leave money behind for future generations, blow it all on a one- day shopping trip or stop worrying about it altogether.

Other “musts” on the list include being true to oneself and finding true love.

Some wanted to test the waters by dating someone “all wrong,” having a one-night stand or indulging in an all-night drinking session.

The study showed that the list was mostly filled with experiences and achievements people wanted to have, rather than material goods.

Another thing the study highlighted? The average person had only completed about eight of the 50 items on the list. And only 23 percent of those polled felt they were living life to the fullest.

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