Stuff that’s still free when you fly

Airlines will give you the whole can of soda or a refill, if you ask. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Years ago, when an airline flight was very late taking off, passengers would hear the captain’s voice over the intercom: “Free drinks!”

Well, that sort of thing has gone the way of cars with chrome bumpers.

But The Huffington Post has assembled a short list of things that are still free at 30,000 feet.

Airlines still offer those little plastic wing pins for kids. And, if you stick your finger putting it on your child, you most likely can get a Band-Aid from the flight attendant.

Most flights carry basic medications that are free to passengers including pain killers for your headache and antacids for heart burn.

When the drink cart comes by, you may ask for the whole can of soda or a refill — most airlines will comply. And for that matter, there are seconds on those little bags of pretzels or snacks.

Another freebie on many flights are sanitizing wipes, if you ask, and refills of your water bottle.

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