State Agency Called To Gauge Damage Done From Bethesda Fuel Spill

Creek near a Beltway crash and fuel spill, via Google Maps and Montgomery County Department of the EnvironmentThe tractor trailer crash Tuesday on the Beltway left one of the truck’s diesel fuel tanks punctured, meaning as much as 150 gallons of diesel fuel flowed into a nearby stream that runs under that section of the Beltway and into Lower Rock Creek.

As Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services personnel attempted to stem the flow of fuel into the stream, putting down sandbags and closing down all lanes of the inner loop near Rockville Pike, officials also called the Maryland Department of the Environment.

When fuel spills happen on Maryland roadways, officials from the MDE reviews the damage done and, in some cases, make sure the responsible party addresses any environmental issues.

Spokesperson Jay Apperson said the MDE’s Emergency Response Division received a call at 2:11 p.m. on Tuesday about the incident. MCFRS reported diesel fuel was leaking from the saddle tank of the truck. According to scanner traffic, MCFRS was not able to stop the fuel from leaking under the guard rail and into the stream.

“A responsible party is normally identified and is responsible for addressing environmental issues,” Apperson wrote in an email. “For example, cleaning up and contaminated soil or using sorbent materials to recover fuel from water. This is typically done under MDE review.”

There were no serious injuries in the accident, according to MCRS. The truck jackknifed into the left guard rail, it’s cab slightly tilted over the rail.

The stream near the area runs under the inner loop and between the Pooks Hill apartments and the Bethesda Marriott (5151 Pooks Hill Rd.)

According to the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, the area drains to Lower Rock Creek, a stream that was evaluated to be in fair condition when last examined in 2008.

Photo via Google Maps and Montgomery County Department of Environmental Proection

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