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Mysterious crossing: Rocks travel across Death Valley

Rocks like this one move mysertiously in Death Valley, Calif. (Flickr/Thomas Hawk)

WASHINGTON — Rocks are generally thought to be stationary things – inanimate objects that move only when picked up or kicked.

That might not necessarily be the case in Death Valley, Calif., where zig-zagging lines trail behind large rocks, Slate’s travel blog, Atlas Obscura, reports.

The trails suggest these rocks have moved up to 820 feet in one winter, scientists say.

Researchers in the 1970s attempted to solve the mystery by naming several of the rocks and surveying the area over 7 years. None of the rocks moved during the study, but one 700-pound stone was found over a half mile away from the site several years later, Slate reports.

Scientists think strong wind gusts could be responsible for the phenomenon.

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