Matt Kemp melts hearts with act of kindness (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – A spontaneous act of kindness has gone viral after Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp was caught on video donating bits of his uniform to a young fan with cancer.

“I didn’t know that anybody was filming it,” Kemp told Yahoo Sports. “I wasn’t aware.”

Kemp heard about the boy in a wheelchair from third base coach Tim Wallach, who had spoken with the boy’s father early in Saturday’s game against the San Francisco Giants, Yahoo reports. The father told Wallach his son, Joshua Jones, was very sick, and that he is a Dodgers fan. Kemp is his favorite player.

When the game ended, Kemp walked over to Jones and signed a baseball. Then he took off his jersey, untied his shoes and handed them to Jones one by one.

Later, the boy thanked Kemp via Instagram, Yahoo reports.

Watch a video of the exchange below:

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