Living in Style: Finding the right swimsuit

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello offers tips on finding the perfect swimsuit for your body this summer.

Paula Wolfson and Rachel Nania,

WASHINGTON – Few tasks are scarier than shopping for a flattering swimsuit. But there are styles out there that work perfectly for certain body types and style preferences.

Style for Hire’s Lisa Tumbarello met with WTOP at Sylene to give tips on finding the perfect swimsuit for your shape, while still cashing in on the season’s hottest trends.

Make a list.

Unlike a trip to the grocery store, this list is not based on items you need. Tumbarello suggests making a list of the things you like about your body, and the things you would prefer to not show off.

“Find ways to make the suit work with you, rather than against you,” says Tumbarello, who adds that certain styles and details can camouflage or emphasize areas of your body.

Mix and match.

Tumbarello says mixing and matching prints and colors with different pieces of your swimsuit can allow you to get the best fit for different parts of your body.

“You can maybe find something that is a better fit for your top or bottom and not have to worry if it’s matchy-matchy, because being a little unmatched is actually on trend this season,” she says.

Color, color and more color.

The trend for summer suits is bold colors, just like it was in spring. Tumbarello says that bathing-suit season is the perfect time to experiment with colors and styles you don’t normally wear.

“Why not lounge around in a chartreuse green bikini, or something that has a really bold vibrant print to it?” she says.

Nip and tuck with fabric.

According to Tumbarello, ruching — “all those little pintucks” — is the most figure-friendly trend.

“Adding the rouching camoflauges things, emphasizes the waist, kind of does a little nip-tuck for you instead of having to get an actual nip-tuck,” Tumbarello says, as opposed to “wearing just a single layer of neoprene that might show any little lump or bump.”

Don’t shy away from a two-piece because of your bust.

Tumbarello explains that many bustier women shy away from wearing a two-piece, fearing it won’t offer enough support.

“There are several brands that cater to size D cup and above, still giving you that little bit of sexiness while completely flattering and keeping everything under control,” she says.

Other hot trends this season:

  • Swimsuits with areas of sheer fabric
  • Retro, or high-waisted, two-piece suits
  • One-piece suits with cut-out backs
  • Cover-ups that transition into casual dresses

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