Father loses bid to fight son’s controversial suspension

WASHINGTON — Round one is over, but the fight will continue.

A Maryland father says his son’s controversial suspension is ridiculous, and he is not backing down.

“I just don’t view that as a reasonable reaction to the situation that took place,” says B.J. Welch.

Welch’s second-grade son was removed from classes for two days earlier this year after he formed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and reportedly aimed it at other students. Officials with Anne Arundel County Schools declined to expunge the punishment during a meeting this week.

“They offered to remove the gun references from the record, but they still insisted on keeping the suspension,” Welch explains. “There’s just no reason for that mark to be on his record.”

A schools spokesman says the incident should not be used as an attorney’s “publicity stunt,” according to The Washington Post, and that the incident is between the child, his parents and the school.

Family members and their attorney will now ask Superintendent Kevin Maxwell to hear their arguments.

“If it has to be taken to other levels that’s what we are going to do,” Welch says.

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