Ears still ringing from 1976 The Who concert

WASHINGTON — Thirty-seven years ago Friday was the loudest rock concert ever, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

The Who’s performance at The Valley sport stadium, in the Charlton section of London on May 31, 1976 was noted for its ear-splitting, body-paralyzing volume crush.

According to Guinness, The Who’s music registered at 126 decibels, measured at a distance of 105 feet from the speakers.

Starting with the classic “Can’t Explain,” The Who’s set was louder than the always loud band had ever been.

Also on the bill was The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Little Feat, The Outlaws and Streetwalkers.

In later years, when the dangers of loud music became more known, Guinness stopped including a category for loudest band.

Other groups, including heavy metal band Manowar reportedly topped The Who’s record, achieving 139 decibels.

KISS hit 136 decibels during a 2009 concert before local authorities ordered the sound engineer to turn down the volume, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

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