Arlington lifts Four Mile Run sewage spill advisory

WASHINGTON – Arlington County has lifted the advisory it issued early Sunday for Four Mile Run and Lower Long Branch, following a sewage spill.

The advisory was issued after a truck carrying 1,800 gallons of human sewage was involved in a crash, spilling its contents into the storm drain system along Route 50 near Fillmore Street.

Laura Smith, of Arlington County’s Deptartment of Environmental Services says “We are lifting Sunday’s advisory due to the 1.34-inches of rain we received last night, which allowed natural flushing of the stream.”

Earlier, county officials had warned against wading, eating fish, and letting dogs play or drink from the creek.

Even with the lifted advisory, residents are reminded that stream water can contain microorganisms that can make people sick.

The county has guidelines for safe use of urban streams you can read here.

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