The Most Disruptive Construction Zones In Bethesda

Construction of an underground garage and apartment building on the old Lot 31 Lot 31 construction has closed Woodmont Avenue past Bethesda Avenue until next year Trucks taking dirt from the excavation site use Leland Street to access Wisconsin Avenue Traffic has been reduced to one lane for work on the Bainbridge Bethesda on St Elmo Avenue A closed sidewalk for utility work at the intersection of Battery Lane and Woodmont Avenue Crews have been closing lanes at Battery Lane to place and patch over utility lines for the 8300 Wisconsin apartment project Work on the Bainbridge Bethesda apartment project Excavation work at the 4500 East-West Highway office project 4500 East-West Highway work has closed one lane of Pearl Street Construction notices at the Lot 31 project Pearl Street is open to southbound traffic only The SHA plans to add a lane to northbound Rockville Pike at Cedar Lane An apartment project at the old U.S. Post Office on Arlington Road Construction crews hit a gas line at the old Post Office site in January, causing a temporary evacuation of surrounding buildings The 8300 Wisconsin project, at the intersection of Battery Lane and Woodmont Avenue The Bethesda Metro bus bays will be closed off for a garage renovation later this year, forcing riders to surrounding streets

Development, and the construction that comes with it, is an aspect of everyday life for residents and businesses in downtown Bethesda.

With an intense new wave of projects under construction or in the pipeline, that won’t change anytime soon.

Here are seven of the ongoing or upcoming construction projects that are changing traffic patterns, closing sidewalks and requiring a little patience from those who call Bethesda home.

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