Riemer Honored For Night-Time Economy Focus

Montgomery County Young Democrats discuss attracting younger residents to Montgomery County at a meeting in March (file photo)Montgomery County’s Night-Time Economy Task Force hasn’t formally started and already the councilmember leading the charge has won recognition for his efforts.

An organization named NewDEAL, which “champions pro-growth progressive ideas,” today announced it has chosen Hans Reimer (D-At large) as one of 11 new rising elected officials from across the country. According to a release from the Montgomery County Council, Riemer was chosen by co-chairs Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) and Alaska Sen. Mark Begich (D) because of his work to attract younger people to the county.

Riemer has taken a prominent role in the county’s yet-to-be revealed Task Force. County officials hope to attract younger people to stimulate the economy and not fall too far behind D.C. and Arlington. In a video for NewDEAL, Riemer said part of that movement could come in the form of new liquor laws to enhance night life, changes in street design or planning and a focus on affordable housing issues.

In a March forum entitled “Can Young People Live In MoCo,” Riemer led a discussion in which many said they’d rather pay comparable or even slightly higher rents to live in areas such as D.C. with better nightlife, walkability, transit access and access to jobs.

“Montgomery County, Maryland, which has a greet suburban community, hasn’t attracted many of these younger workers who are powering these new companies, which are the innovation hubs of the economy,” Riemer said in the video. “So we need to focus on how to urbanize some of the pockets of growth areas, and make them the kind of place that young people want to live and spend their money and go out.”

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