Mother accused of offering sex with daughter to pay off debt

A grand jury indicted Bejarni Rivas, 44, on 13 charges, including second degree rape and sexual abuse of a minor. (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police)

WASHINGTON – A Montgomery County mother is facing multiple charges for allegedly exchanging sex with her teenage daughter for forgiveness of a debt.

Montgomery County prosecutors allege the mother told her daughter to perform sex acts with Bejarni Rivas, 44, to pay off the $5,000 debt between December and March. They allege that the mother received $100 for every encounter.

The mother has been charged with 11 total counts, according to court documents.

The documents show that when the girl begged not to go, the mother said, “I’ve done bad things to make you have a good life. Go with him.”

The sexual abuse occurred more than one time, and ended after the girl told another relative.

The mother claims that she did not know about the rape.

A grand jury indicted Rivas on 13 charges, including second degree rape and sexual abuse of a minor.

“These defendants are facing a long, long time behind bars,” says Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys Office.

WTOP does not name victims of sexual abuse without their consent. Identifying the mother would also identify her daughter. Officials say the girl is now 15.

The charges were first reported by NBC4. WTOP’s Jamie Forzato contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP on Twitter.

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