Living in style: spring trends

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello takes WTOP shopping at Second Time Around in Georgetown for this spring's newest fashion trends.

Alex Beall and Paula Wolfson, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – The frost is gone, the temperature is rising and the flowers are in full bloom. This means it’s time for the new spring styles. And this year’s fashions are brighter, bolder and bigger.

Style for Hire‘s Lisa Tumbarello says this season’s styles will wake you up from the winter blues and soar you in to spring.

“Everybody is wanting to break out of the blues and the grays and the blacks. And spring is definitely the perfect time to do that,” she says. “Brighten your mood, brighten your whole wardrobe, your whole day.”

Lisa took WTOP shopping at Second Time Around consignment shop in Georgetown for Living in Style’s Spring 2013 trends edition.

Check out the photo gallery for how to spice up your wardrobe this season.

Color, color, color and… color!

Did we mention color? Go with saturated jewel tones instead of your powder puff pastels this spring. The hottest colors are emerald green, cobalt or Monaco blue, nectarine, African violet and bright poppy red. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to reflect color head-to-toe.

If it doesn’t work with your skin tone, just take it away from your face. Try a pencil skirt, statement heel or clutch bag to tone it down. You can also try a lighter or darker hue.

Go bold with prints.

Bold florals, mirror prints and graphic or geometric patterns all work. However, unless you’re donning a dress, limit it to one piece, such as a pant or blouse. If you’re skeptical about a big pattern, look for a gradiated one.

Try those evergreen stripes with a twist.

Trade in your navy and white stripes for colored ones in corals or greens. Go for big, bold and wide stripes or gradiated stripes. These accent your waist for an hour glass effect.

Suit up for work.

Get a saturated suit, break-up the pieces and mix and match them with printed or patterned tops. You can wear the jacket with jeans for a casual Friday or the skirt or pants with a blouse for a weekend brunch.

Step out with a statement.

Choose bold shoes to match the bold styles. Look for statement heels you can wear with a neutral outfit, and make the shoe the star. We’re talking glitter, prints, stacked heels and toe caps. But it doesn’t have to be a heel or stiletto. A bold flat can have the same effect.

Get edgy and funky with leather.

Mix your outfits up with small leather details, such as a leather band around the waist, cuffs, sleeves or elbow patches.

Don’t forget to accessorize.

While statement necklaces are still big, stacked bangles are hot this spring. Mix and match different styles and bracelets or just grab a couple that all have gold details.

Editor’s Note: Living in Style is a regular WTOP Living feature with Style for Hire’s Lisa Tumbarello, who shares style tips, clothing bargains and fashion do’s and don’ts.

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