Fairfax police targeting speeders this week

WASHINGTON – Police will be hammering the message of “Slow down or you will get a ticket!” this week into the heads of drivers on the Fairfax County Parkway, one of the region’s major commuting routes.

The speed limit on most of the parkway is 50 mph, so Fairfax County police are promoting their crackdown with the phrase “50 means 50.”

During the same week in April last year, a normal week without a crackdown, the Fairfax County police wrote 714 tickets on the parkway.

Police spokesman Bud Walker says this year they are adding patrol cars for a 24/7 crackdown that will include non-traditional police vehicles along all 35 miles of the parkway.

“We’re driving a variety of vehicles out there so you don’t know who is police and who is not,” says Walker.

Some of the non-traditional patrol cars include Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and even pick-up trucks.

The patrols will be targeting speeders, but will also be watching for tailgating, aggressive driving and texting while driving.

The stepped up enforcement runs from April 21 to to April 28.

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