Conflicting reports on Boston Marathon bombing suspect’s status

Editor’s Note: Throughout the course of the afternoon there were conflicting reports concerning the status of a suspect in the Boston bombings. Some media organizations reported that a suspect was in custody while others reported that there was no suspect at all. As a member of the Associated Press and a CBS affiliate we were presented with a situation where our two primary news partners presented conflicting information. At this point we decided to simply present the information as it was provided to us being careful to cite our sources.


WASHINGTON – Initially, the Associated Press reported that the suspect was in custody. CNN and Fox News reported a suspect was under arrest.

Within minutes, conflicting reports began to surface from CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe and NBC news that no arrest had been made.

Then, CNN and Fox News began to walk back their statements, saying a suspect was not under arrest, but rather in custody. Then they backed off that report.

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