Bethesda Mews Hopes For Single Family Homes

Bethesda Mews site, via County Planning Board Bethesda Mews site, via County Planning Board

The Planning Board next week will review a rare proposal for a new development of single family homes planned for the existing site of the American College of Cardiology on Old Georgetown Road.

The nearly 10-acre site at Old Georgetown Road  and Alta Vista Road would be developed into 29 single-family detached dwellings, three townhomes and two duplexes. The townhomes and duplexes would serve as Moderately Priced Dwelling Units, and have the blessing of the county’s Housing Department after developers made sure to provide two assigned parking spaces for each.

The project, called Bethesda Mews, comes from D.C. based real estate investment firm Streetscape Partners, which also has a hand in Symphony Woods in North Bethesda.

It is a partner in what already appears to be a controversial proposal for a townhome development at the Grosvenor Mansion property, where five years ago surrounding residents opposed development of an international boarding school.

Camberley Avenue, which now stops at the southeast corner of the property, will be extended through the development to Alta Vista Road. The site as proposed will include 81 parking spaces with two per unit and 13 on-street along Camberley Avenue.

The development will mean the loss of trees on the site, but builders have approval from the county arborist on a conservation plan that includes maintaining the forested part of the eastern side of the property and adding new trees throughout the development.

The Planning Board will review the site plan and forest conservation plan on Thursday, April 11.

Images via Montgomery County Planning Board

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