Woman assaulted during burglary

WASHINGTON – A woman was sexually assaulted during a burglary Thursday afternoon and D.C. police are looking for the four armed men who broke into her home.

The men entered the woman’s apartment in the 4100 block of South Capitol Street SW about 5:30 p.m. They produced weapons and one of the men assaulted her, police say.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the apartment may have been targeted.

“We do think that there was some thought that somebody else may be at that location. So it’s not a complete random crime,” she said.

All four men were black and wore motorcycle style gloves.

One of the men had a foot-long knife with a white and black handle. He was in his late 20s, about 5-foot-10, had shoulder-length dreads, and a medium complexion. He was last seen wearing a black Ed Hardy hoody, blue jeans, black Nike boots, and a black mask covering the lower half of his face.

A second burglar was also in his late 20s, had a light complexion, short hair and was wearing a black hoody, blue jeans and black Nike boots.

Complete descriptions were not available for the other two burglars, police said.

Police believe the four men left in two different vehicles possibly a blue sedan and a green sedan.

Anyone with information about the burglary and armed sexual assault are asked to call police at 202-727-9099.

WTOP’s Thomas Warren contributed to this report. Follow @tewarren and @WTOP on Twitter.

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