View from Venus: Blonde v. Brunette workplace success

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – Blondes may not like the results from this study, but brunettes will love it.

Facial mapping experts studied traits like the shape and size of your head, lips and eyes, the symmetry of your face and hair color to see what translated into workplace success, according to an article in Britain’s Daily Mail.

The results: While blondes were out having fun, brunettes were climbing the stairs to better careers and paychecks.

The study found that brunettes, especially those with longer hair, have leadership qualities and are more likely to succeed than their blonde sisters.

The researchers also saw that strong jawlines indicated perceived leadership qualities, but dark circles under the eyes or a weak chin were associated with unsuccessful careers.

I don’t know if this study commissioned by a TV channel in the UK has a leg to stand on, but this brunette is running with it.

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