Refill you beer without leaving your seat (VIDEO)

The Bottoms Up dispenser fills your beer while you watch your favorite sporting event. (Courtesy of YouTube)

David Burd,

WASHINGTON – If you don’t have one of these in your man-cave, then you don’t have a man cave.

Get ready for the beer dispensing recliner. This modified recliner uses the Bottoms Up dispensing system that fills your beer without you leaving your seat.

The unit is installed into the armchair (or in some cases sofas) using one of the armrests as the platform for the cup. Place the cup into the cup holder in the armrest and watch the cup fill with draft beer from the bottom up.

You use the special cups that have magnets, in the shape of small coasters, placed at the bottom of the cup. These magnets prevent the beer from spilling.

Who said there isn’t a heaven on earth?

And there is a drawback to having all the beer you want without ever having to leave your seat: Going to the bathroom.

You’re on your own with this problem.

Check out the video:

The cost will set you back more than $1,100. Here’s more information on Bottoms Up Home Units.

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