MoCo Named One Of Best Intergenerational Communities

Montgomery County logoMontgomery County is one of America’s best intergenerational communities, according to awards given out at a ceremony this morning on Capitol Hill.

The MetLife Foundation and Generations United presented the honors at a ceremony attended by county officials and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D).

The designation means the organizations think Montgomery County is one of the top places to live for people of all ages. The awards are meant to highlight the importance of solidarity between residents of different generations.

“We congratulate Montgomery County for earning this designation,” executive director of Generations United Donna Butts said.  ”It takes a great deal of effort and forward thinking to create a community where members of every generation want to live.  Montgomery County has worked to ensure its residents enjoy a vibrant, meaningful place to live, are treated with respect and caring, and have ample opportunity to work together for the betterment of all.”

Dunedin, Fla., Itta Bena, Miss., and Westchester County, N.Y., also received the award.

Generations United is a D.C.-based lobbying group for intergenerational programs.

Montgomery County was honored in part because of its Intergenerational Resource Center and nonprofit Interages, created in 1986. Programming from the group includes seniors mentoring immigrant students, a shared site adult and child day care facility in Silver Spring, activities in senior centers and other arts and tutoring programs.

“Prior to joining the County Council, I worked in advocacy related positions on behalf of younger people and also seniors, and I love serving in a County that takes pride in building a better future for all generations,” Councilman Hans Riemer (D-At large) said. “This award honors our progress.  We actively work to serve our seniors and young families by planning more walkable communities, improving public transportation, providing great recreation services, libraries and health care, boosting affordable housing and valuing inclusiveness.”

Board of Education President Christopher Barclay and Office of Community Partnerships director Bruce Adams were also in attendance.

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