March Munchies: The best college eats locally

Wisey\'s is where Georgetown students find the best grub. (Washington Post/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Forget which college has the best basketball team; the Cooking Channel is on a mission to find the college with the best signature bites.

To qualify for the honors, the dishes have to be near a college campus, be a “staple” for students and be “absolutely awesome.”

Around here, Georgetown’s Wisey’s Chicken Madness is paired up against the University of Maryland’s Fear the Turtle Ice Cream.

Marquette serves-up spaghetti, topped with chili, onions, cheddar and sour cream, while Harvard dishes out a “Viagra Burger.” And Princeton has a Fat Lady.

For the full list on the battle of the grub brackets, visit the challenge’s website on the Cooking Channel.

WTOP’s Del Walters contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP on Twitter.

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