Live Chat: Clinton Yates, local editor, Express

WASHINGTON — Are you filling out a bracket for March Madness this year? Or, are you sick of it?

The Washington Post’s Clinton Yates says he’s sick of the madness, and he’s opting out — for the first time — this year.

“I respect the culture of Bracketology. And furthermore, I love the camaraderie it can bring for people who otherwise do not care about sports,” Yates says. But, he says, “I’m over it. I like the conference tournaments better, anyway.”

Yates will join WTOP for a live chat on Friday to talk about the bracket, and we want you to weigh in. What are your thoughts? Are you still interested? If so, why? What do you love about it? If not, why? What about the tradition is uninteresting?

Weigh in here at 2 p.m., comment on WTOP’s Facebook page or tweet us at #WTOP.

Or, leave your comment below ahead of time.

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