Dozens of performers audition for the solo of a lifetime

Ken Glasser, of Germantown, Md., plays an original arrangement on an acoustic lap steel guitar Saturday at Nationals Park. Glasser was among 50 vocalits and performers who auditioned to perform the national anthem before a home game during the upcoming baseball season. (WTOP/Jamie Forzato)
Singing to the top of the stands

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 5:56 pm

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Jamie Forzato,

WASHINGTON – Have you ever dreamed of singing the national anthem in front of thousands of people?

Saturday, 50 singers and instrumentalists came one step closer to achieving that dream as they auditioned to perform at a Nationals baseball game during the upcoming baseball season.

The performers only got 90 seconds to wow the judges – each hoping their audition will land them the solo of a lifetime.

David Reip from Burke, Va., was the first in line.

“I wanted to be done and out of here. I didn’t want to sweat it,” Reip says. “I’ve never done this before. I’m an engineer but I’ve been singing since elementary school.”

He brought a pitch pipe to start him off on the right note.

“The key is: don’t start too high. If you start too high, you’re dead meat by the time you get to the end,” he says.

Thirteen-year-old Brenna Rodgers, of Stafford County, plays in her school orchestra but chose to show off her vocals at the audition.

“I know that even if I mess up, I can try again next year too,” she says.

Her mom says this is Brenna’s moment to shine. “She started singing when she was still in the car seat. By 4, she was singing Phantom of the Opera.”

But not everyone chose to sing their hearts out. Ken Glasser from Germantown, Md., played an acoustic lap steel guitar arrangement for the tryout.

“I thought it would be pretty cool,” he says. “It sounds like an acoustic guitar. I just think they sound gorgeous.”

The first 50 who applied online were invited to the audition at Nationals Park on Saturday morning. Performers who still want to apply can submit entries here.

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