WWBG: Valentine’s Rosé

Editor’s Note: This weekly sponsored column is written by Arash Tafakor, owner of Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

You’ve bought the Valentine’s Day gift, bought the flowers, got the meal all planned — the only thing left to dazzle your special someone this Valentine’s Day is that perfect sparkling Rosé wine.

Rosé sparkling wine is a perfect way to celebrate romance. It’s beautiful pinkish color and flowing bubbles definitely excites the romantic senses. Rosé sparkling wine is the same thing as white sparkling wine except for one part done early in the wine making process. Winemakers leave the red grape skin in contact with the wine for a short amount of time, usually 12-24 hours. Red wines are made with the skin being in contact with the wine for several weeks, but only leaving them in contact for a short period of time leaves the wine color a beautiful pink.  This is the same process that produces rosé wines as well.

Rosé sparkling wines come in a variety of price ranges. You can find a domestic sparkling rosé for fewer than 10 dollars, but the quality will not be there and a headache will ensue. You can also purchase a high end rosé champagne that can cost well over 100 dollars, but after purchasing a gift, flowers and dinner, money might be a little tight for that. Here is a list of quality sparkling rosés that you do not have to break the bank for.

Gruet NV Rose New Mexico, U.S.A

When I first was introduced to Gruet sparkling wines, I was a bit skeptical about the grapes being from New Mexico. New Mexico isn’t exactly known for top quality wine growing, but once I tasted these sparkling wines, I was astonished by how well-made they were.

Using the same method as champagne, this rosé is under 20 dollars, and is an excellent value at the price point. Exhibiting a bright floral nose and hints of strawberry, raspberry and cherry, this sparkling rosé will be a perfect match for Valentine’s Day.

Simonnet–Febvre Crémant De Bourgogne Brut Rose Burgundy, France

This sparkling rosé is a perfect alternative from your pricey rosé champagne. Made in Burgundy, France, this sparkling rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.

A fresh a vivacious style showing powerful aromas of red fruit, fine bubbles, and a beautiful rosé color this sparkling rosé is a great match for an aperitif or a chocolate dessert. It retails for about 25 dollars.

Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rosé Champagne, France

The real deal Rosé, Moet has been producing top Rosé champagne for decades now. This is the perfect Rosé champagne to really impress your valentine.  Made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay, this Rosé has flamboyant color and delicious red fruit that will pair with anything sweet to cap off the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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