Friday marks the 1st National Girl Scout Cookie Day

WASHINGTON – Girl Scouts, and the many millions who love their cookies, are celebrating the first annual National Girl Scout Cookie Day on Friday, Feb. 8.

The scouts say they wanted to observe the day to celebrate the “world’s largest girl-led business and to make it easy for you to buy or order cookies,” according to their website.

But, scouts don’t deliver the cookies, so you have to get them from a local Girl Scout Troop. If you don’t know one, don’t despair, booth sales begin on Feb. 22 through March 24.

If you’re not sure what your favorite cookie is, and also aren’t sure where exactly you can find a booth, the Girl Scouts have got you covered. You can download the Girl Scout Cookie app on your smartphone, which will use your GPS to find the booth closest to you.

The app will also tell you what your favorite cookie says about you. So, if you like Samoas, it’s because you’re brainy, complex and mysterious.

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