What to know when planning a fusion wedding

Heather Brady, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – In a traditional Indian wedding, a groom enters the ceremony from an outdoor celebration with music, dancing and drums. He rides a horse to the altar where he meets his bride dressed in a sari and bearing henna tattoos on her hands and wrists.

But what happens when the groom is American?

Though it can cause challenges and family tension, wedding experts say couples of American and South Asian backgrounds often have “fusion weddings” to honor both cultures and traditions.

WTOP talked with four local fusion wedding experts about the ins and outs of fusion ceremonies, mixed receptions and what advice they have for diverse couples exploring their wedding options.

Trisha Cranor is a wedding planner for Working Brides in Germantown, Md. Mekhla Stanton is a wedding planner in Woodbridge, Va. Sachi Sood is a wedding designer for wedding d