Washington Nationals welcome Taft as new racer

President William Taft joins the Washington Nationals\' team of racing presidents. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – The Washington Post reports that the Washington Nationals will race a new president this season – President William H. Taft.

While Taft’s size may leave fans scratching their heads, wondering how his rather large figure will hold up running, there are many reasons as to why Taft is a great choice for the Nat’s team of racing presidents.

According to The Post, Taft had a very close relationship with baseball, and even started the ceremonial first pitch in 1910. Apparently, he is also to thank for the seventh-inning stretch.

Perhaps what’s best for stadium fans is that Taft and Roosevelt (already a racer for the Nationals) had a pretty heated presidential rivalry, which will make for interesting competition on the field.

The Post reports that Taft will be introduced as one of five racing presidents on Saturday, January 26 at 2:15 p.m. at the Washington Convention Center.

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