Tidal flooding pictures wanted

High tides and heavy rains can cause local flooding. (Md. DNR/Wanda Cole)

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WASHINGTON – High tides could be higher than normal through Jan. 13 in the Chesapeake Bay area and citizens are being asked to help document flooding.

Maryland is joining the King Tide Photo Initiative already underway in numbers of coastal U.S. states, British Columbia and Australia. The effort uses citizen-submitted photos of tidal flooding to track areas that already are or could be vulnerable to storm surges in the future.

“Not only are the seas rising because of melting glaciers and rising temperatures, but the land here in the Chesapeake is also sinking,” says CoastSmart Communities Planner Kate Skaggs with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources.

The sea level in Maryland is expected to rise 3- to 4 feet over the next century.

Higher than average so-called King Tides are caused when the sun, moon and Earth line up in a position that allows the gravitational force among them to exaggerate tides here.

“Water levels are continuing to rise, but King Tides are not climate change and they are not sea level rise. But, they may help provide an indicator of what is to come in the future,” Skaggs says.

Submit photos and see others from Australia, Canada and other U.S. States here.

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