Spokesperson: Bethesda Metro Garage Project Will Improve Bus Bays

The company seeking approval for a garage renovation that would shut down the Bethesda Metro station bus bays for as long as two years said the project will also improve the bus facilities.

A spokesperson from Brookfield Properties, which wants to redo the private parking garage under its recently purchased Three Bethesda Metro Center office building, also said the company is working with WMATA to determine construction schedules and ways to mitigate effects on bus service.

“The Bethesda Metro Center garage project aims to repair and improve the current garage and bus station,” the spokesperson said. “We are working closely with WMATA to determine the construction schedule and mitigation plan to allay impacts to bus service during the renovation. These plans are still in progress so the phasing and the timeline have not been determined yet.”

It’s unknown what improvements would come to the bus bays.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Director Ken Hartman last week said Brookfield recently submitted its traffic mitigation plan to Montgomery County and that a two-year closure of the bus bays would be “a major hassle.”

WMATA and the county would have to find alternate locations for the buses to go. Hartman suggested the project could start later this year.

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