Local clinics run out of flu vaccines

Many local drop-in clinics advertise for flu shots, but most locations are completely out of the vaccine. (WTOP/John Aaron)

John Aaron, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Some signs in area parking lots and store windows advertise “Flu Shots Available Today.” In many cases, however, the signs are overly optimistic or outright wrong.

Several local clinics are out of the flu vaccine because of heavy demand amid the surging flu season. In fact, a check of CVS locations in Bethesda, Cleveland Park and Woodley Park found that all of the stores are wiped clean of the vaccine.

The Van Ness CVS (in Northwest D.C.) had some vaccines on Friday afternoon, but the store expected to run out quickly.

Many locations are not sure when they will get restocked, and some estimates predict early next week.

CVS isn’t the only drop-in clinic running low. The Giant in Bethesda (off of Arlington Road) ran out of flu shots Friday morning, but hopes to receive another shipment over the weekend.

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