Hot new home technologies plug in to your lifestyle (VIDEO)

Leviton\'s Combination USB Charger and Receptacle lets you charge gadgets directly. (Courtesy of YouTube)

WASHINGTON – Humans have yet to be “beamed” from room-to-room, but newly built homes are adapting the latest technology and embracing society’s love for gadgets.

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted some new tech-savvy tools that are reshaping homebuilding, all of which were featured at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas last week.

Upgrading electrical outlets may be the wave of the future. Replacing traditional, two-plug outlets with one traditional plug and two USB ports will allow mobile device users to charge their gadgets without the use of a “middle man.” The updated outlet is from Leviton, of Melville, N.Y. and is priced at $20.

See how it works:

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