Good to Go: Do-it-yourself inauguration party ideas

If you're like me with no ticket in hand for an inaugural ball, here are some ways to have your own inauguration revelry at home.

Get your playlist in order for an evening of dancing and festivities mixed with a little civics. Bipartisan energy lends well to games like the classic pin the tail on the donkey — or elephant.

A little bit of research could produce a fun game of inauguration trivia with prizes attached.

Here’s a sample question: Who gave the longest inaugural address and died one month later?

Answer: President William Henry Harrison in 1841 delivered a 1 hour, 45 minute speech without wearing a hat or coat in a snowstorm. He came down with pneumonia and died one month into office.

All dressed up and no place to go

Here’s a chance to dust off those fourth of July decorations or wear your New Year’s Eve attire again. Party City stores throughout the Washington area have red, white and blue party d

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