Cook from scratch without the shopping

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Those who love to cook from scratch at home but don’t have time to shop for fresh ingredients may want to check out a new kind of food delivery service.

Grocery stores have offered delivery for years, but these new companies want to serve in a different way.

They come up with recipes, then send all the needed ingredients in exacting amounts to make the recipes.

All that’s left is the cooking.

At least two of these companies make deliveries in the D.C. region.

HelloFresh promises amazing recipes that typically take 30 minutes or less to make. Blue Apron says its ingredients are fresher than those at the local supermarket. Both offer vegetarian options and free shipping.

All Things D reports prices for these services start at $8 per meal, but can top $20.

If it sounds expensive, the companies pitch that users save precious time and there are no leftover ingredients to go bad in the fridge.

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