WWBG: What Would Santa Drink?

Editor’s Note: This weekly sponsored column is written by Arash Tafakor, owner of Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

Since I’ve been in the wine and beer business, I’ve always wondered what Santa would drink after a hard night of work delivering gifts. Would he drink a Belgium brew? A big heavy Cabernet Sauvignon? Or maybe a white wine like Riesling? Maybe Santa’s big belly comes from drinking American IPAs?

And yes, Santa does drink, at least according to some Christmas traditions in Europe and elsewhere. Instead of milk, some families in Britain and Australia actually leave beer or sherry for Old St. Nick to enjoy. In Ireland, Guinness is often the drink of choice during Santa’s visit.

(I heard somewhere that Santa is not a big fan of liquor and always drinks in moderation.)

There are many different types of holiday drinks that you, Santa, and other responsible adults can enjoy on Christmas night. Brewers and wineries come out with special holiday libations specifically for a special night with family. Here are a few that I would recommend.

Chaucer’s Christmas Mead

Santa’s got to drink mead right? There is archaeological evidence that mead has been around since 7000 BC, which is even before Santa’s time. Mead is also very popular in northern Europe and the Baltic area, right by the North Pole. It’s a perfect fit. Mead, also known as “honey wine,” is an alcoholic beverage that is brewed with honey and water. This particular mead is brewed with three types of honey making it sweet and delicious. Most mead traditionalist have their own recipe of serving mead. Some serve it cold, but most will warm it up and add some spices to make this drink perfect for a cold Christmas night.

Sam Adams Utopia 2012

Santa delivers presents to millions of people around the world, all in one night — with that kind of gusto, he’s probably the kind of guy who could handle one of the strongest and most expensive beers in the world, right? With an A.B.V of 29%, this beer retails for about 200 dollars! Sam Adams founder Jim Koch is a true beer pioneer. Jim created this brew based off of his original triple bock. Jim wanted to push the limits of alcohol content of beer, which had a normal maximum around 14%. While pushing the limits of A.B.V., Jim wanted to make a totally unique beverage that was truly different from any other beer ever made. Using old bourbon, rum, and other various wood barrels this brew is almost like a port or a cognac with tons of complexities. Perfect for you or Santa by a warm fire.

Chimay Speciale Cent Ciquante

Maybe Santa likes Belgium brews.  If so he’ll love to drink Chimay’s 150-year anniversary ale. Chimay is one of the best Belgium beer producers out there. If your local beer store does not carry Chimay, leave immediately. This special edition brew is a full-bodied strong beer with all natural ingredients. Comes off clean with a champagne sparkle, this brew has a perfect spice and fruit taste that makes it a perfect Belgium style beer for Santa.

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