View from Venus: Finding a husband is easier if you know where to look

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – If you’re looking for a husband, go where single men outnumber single women.

That way you have better odds, according to the new book “Where To Find A Husband: Census Statistics For Finding Places Where Single Men Outnumber Single Women” by Andrew Dolan.

Dolan used U.S. Census statistics to compare the number of unmarried men and women in the 374 largest metropolitan areas in the country. His findings may help women on the husband hunt.

Surprisingly, New York City is not so great for love — with 86 men to every 100 women. Forget Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore too. Men still outnumber us in those cities, and the District doesn’t rate much better, offering 87 men to every 100 women.

But don’t leave town just yet. Even if there are more men than women, factors like the unemployment rate in a city can impact the number of datable bachelors on the market, Dolan says.

“It’s a little hard to look for love when you’re looking for a job,” he says, “so do some homework before taking out the luggage.”

If you want better odds, try places like Miami, where there is sun, surf, and yes, more men than women. If you’re a fan of a colder climate, try the entire state of Alaska.

San Diego also has good prospects, with 139 men to every 100 women. Dolan attributes that pool to the big naval training base there.

Still wondering if you should cash in your frequent flyer points?

Dolan says Fairfax County, Va. is a good place to explore, with 95 men for every 100 women. Pretty good odds within driving distance!

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