Need a hug?

If you need a hug, The Nicest Place On The Internet has you covered. (Screenshot)

Lacey Mason,

WASHINGTON – Feeling down? If the usual methods (crying to a friend, eating an entire pizza, blowing up some virtual bad guys, etc.) aren’t working, might we suggest The Nicest Place on the Internet.

With its clever URL (, get it?), The Nicest Place on the Internet presents a rotating selection of friendly strangers offering hugs to the viewer while a bittersweet song plays in the background.

But describing The Nicest Place on The Internet just won’t do. It’s an experience, and I promise even the hardest heart will give pause. Speaking of pause, if the friendly smiles aren’t your thing, you can stop the hug rotation and enjoy the tunes or vice versa.

The song is “I Have Never Loved Someone,” by My Brightest Diamond – and it pulls at the heart strings. Like Adele’s “Someone Like You,” its odd “warble” creates a tension that’s a bit of a tearjerker.

If you want to offer some comfort of your own, The Nicest Place on the Internet also accepts hug submissions. Simply “turn on your webcam or any camera and just give it a good squeeze.” Then, send it.

Here are more detailed instructions on getting your hugs out into the world.

Lastly, while it may be the nicest, don’t forget where the best place on the Internet is.

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