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Making it through the holidays, stain-free (Video)

WASHINGTON – Holiday visitors frequently come bearing gifts, but sometimes they also bring holiday mishaps – like stains.

Whether it is red wine on the carpet, bright lipstick on cloth napkins or a number of other accidents, there are simple home solutions to help you get through your holiday entertaining, mess-free.

Consumer Reports writes about the ways to avoid stains in a recent article, and even features a video showing readers how to best remove stains.

One key thing to have on-hand at your next holiday gathering is a simple water-based solution that will help to remove a variety of stains.

To make the solution, mix a teaspoon of clear dish-washing liquid, no bleach and a cup of warm water. Blot the stain with a little bit of water and then tackle it with the home remedy.

For a full list of other stain removing tips, including how to remove water rings from a hardwood table and candle wax from a fabric tablecloth, see the complete article.

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