It’s OK to re-gift, but do it right (VIDEO)

Darci Marchese,

WASHINGTON – Ever think about re-gifting a present you just don’t want? Is it ever OK?

According to, it’s OK to re-gift as long as the item is new and unopened. If you have to dust it off, skip it.

Some re-gifting possibilities include unopened bottles of wine, new household items and inexpensive jewelry.

Always skip signed books and monogrammed items. And, of course, keep cheap items you scored for free.

Also, ask yourself if the recipient would really like the gift or if you’re just trying to get rid of it. Make sure the gift has meaning.

Remember in Seinfeld, when a re-gifted item went full circle and the re-gifter was busted? Experts say make sure to avoid re-gifting in similar social circles.

Lastly, don’t feel the need to tell the gift recipient the truth. Gifting experts say if you can’t keep the secret, then scrap re-gifting.

Here’s the memorable Seinfeld scene:

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