Biden takes granddaughter to Les Miserables

A surprise Les Miserables audience member

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 5:06 pm

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Bob Madigan,

WASHINGTON – Surprise of all surprises. At the Wednesday evening performance of Les Miserables at the National Theatre, Vice President Joe Biden was in the audience.

Reportedly the theatre staff was unaware of Mr. Biden had fourth row tickets until he arrived with his one of his granddaughters to help celebrate her birthday. It was a private evening for the two of them, and the audience gave them their privacy.

WTOP’s Bob Madigan just happened to be seated next to them in the fourth row. They discussed how many times they had seen the musical, and determined they had both seen it in London in 1985. Mr. Biden said that he took his four children to see it in several different cities and now he is doing the same for his grandchildren.

After the final curtain call, the vice president went back stage to meet the cast and had a photo taken. Devin Ilaw, who plays Marius, said he was surprised to learn at intermission that the Bidens were in the audience and called the cast photo an awesome experience.

Les Mis

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