Tips for keeping your weight off during the holidays

WASHINGTON – As the holiday season approaches, so does the fear of gaining all the weight back that you lost for the summer.

You may try to rein yourself in, but sometimes the constant temptations and holiday cheer can be somewhat overwhelming.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t overeat during the holidays.

First, make sure you eat a sensible breakfast. It will energize you through the day, and make you less tempted to snack during the morning.

Don’t go shopping for your holiday meal, or your regular grocery shopping trip while hungry. What you come home with may surprise you.

If you get stuck in an airport, try to eat something healthy, there are usually options available.

At that big holiday meal, eat what your family is eating, but give yourself a kid’s plate.

Time may be precious during the holiday season, but try to go to the gym, or even just take the dog for a walk when you can.

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