Struggling to close, when will the Wizards get a win?

Megan Cloherty,

WASHINGTON – After a few close calls, the Washington Wizards find themselves 0-6 at the start of the season. Their showing so far has many wondering what it will take for the team to win.

Wizards fan Anthony Reams reflects the widely-held attitude towards the team on WTOP’s Facebook page, “ I don’t have a clue…but then again…our beloved ‘Skins are struggling, too…,” Reams posts.

There’s no doubt the feeling toward the Wizards is part of the problem, says WTOP Sports reporter Rob Woodfork.

“People in this town are apathetic to the Wizards because they’ve been so bad for so long. And there’s no end in sight,” Woodfork says.

On Facebook, Jimmy Lawson agrees, “[They’ve] probably set the standard for being one of the worst teams ever. At least they get another opportunity to waste another 1st round draft pick and get somebody whom will not be productive here, but after they are traded for next to nothing they will then become an NBA all- star.”

Fans will tell you the team lost its shot at a good season with their best two players out with injuries. Point guard John Wall is recovering from a knee injury and center Nene is out indefinitely with a foot injury.

“Not having their two best players has certainly hurt because they’ve been in every game except for last night,” says WTOP’s Craig Heist. “Their biggest problem is they’ve had trouble closing out games down the stretch when they’ve had the lead in the fourth quarter.”

Aside from Tuesday’s matchup against Charlotte, the Wizards have only lost their previous five games by 10 points or less.

Going forward, things may be looking up. Looking at the team’s schedule for the next five games, Heist says there could be opportunities for a few Ws.

Match-up Heist’s guess
Wednesday, Nov. 14 at Dallas No way they’ll win
Saturday, Nov. 17 vs. Utah Wizards win it
Monday, Nov. 19 vs. Indiana Wizards will win this Wednesday, Nov 21 at Atlanta Probably not Saturday, Nov. 24 vs. Charlotte 2nd time’s the charm

Of course, this being D.C., some fans attribute the team’s consistent losses to the attitude of the city.

“Our teams seem to reflect the political climate (except the Nationals apparently). When things don’t work well inside the beltway, neither do the athletes. See, another thing you can blame on the president and Congress,” Suzanne Wulff says on WTOP’s Facebook page.

There is optimism out there among Wizards fans, you just have to look past the storm cloud hanging over the Verizon Center to find it.

“I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” Heist says. “And no, it’s not coming from an oncoming train.”

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