Old-school shopping: Record stores declare a special ‘Record Store Day’

WASHINGTON – In an effort to stop technology from extinguishing the record store, a distinctive American institution, store owners want their customers to think old-school.

Record stores nationwide have declared Black Friday to be a special “Record Store Day.”

Record Store Day is usually observed on the third Saturday of April. But this year, the independents are trying to take advantage of the shopping frenzy around the holidays.

The emergence of digital music sites like iTunes has helped put many old- fashioned record stores out of business. But the stores are fighting back by encouraging customers to look for those holiday gifts the old-fashioned brick-and- mortar way.

The late Joey Ramone’s limited-edition final solo album is just one of many big- name artists who are helping out by issuing special vinyl and CD releases just for Black Friday.

Check out Record Store Day’s website to find a nearby shop taking part in Record Store Day – Black Friday edition.

WTOP’s Shawn Anderson contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP on Twitter.

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