Heartfelt stories of WWII veterans coming to D.C.

WASHINGTON – A documentary that tells the story of four World War II veterans and their dream of seeing their memorial in the District will be screened downtown over the next month.

“Honor Flight” tells the personal stories of the men, who like others in their generation, buried their memories of service from loved ones. The movie talks about how they came home from war, put their bags away and went back to work.

On the film’s website, it describes how Orville Lemke, a former plumber and beloved father of nine, is fighting to hold off terminal cancer so he can make the trip.

Julian Plaster, also a part of the film, is an 89-year-old poet who has survived almost all of his friends and family.

The film will be screened at these theaters on the following dates:

  • National Press Club, Nov, 27, Washington
  • U.S. Capitol, Dec. 4, Washington
  • DAR Constitution Hall, Dec. 7, Washington
  • Byrd Theatre, Dec. 8, 2 p.m., Richmond, Va.

The tickets to each event are free.

The Honor Flight Network, which brings the veterans to Washington, D.C. for the day, is a nonprofit organization that has flown over 100,000 veterans to the WWII memorial.

The Library of Congress is preserving the stories of living WWII veterans as part of the Veteran’s History Project.

The documentary holds the world record for attendance at a film screening, set at its world premiere at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, Wis., according to the Guiness World Records. More than 28,400 people saw the movie at the stadium, which is home to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

Sen. Bob Dole, a WWII veteran himself, is featured in the film and gives it high praise. “Honor Flight is a remarkable film. Grandparents, parents and children can all appreciate the stories told in this powerful and moving tribute to WWII Veterans and this country,” Dole says.

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