D.C. Central Kitchen feeds 365 days a year

WASHINGTON – While many are turning their attention toward a turkey dinner, others are reminded of those in need.

Micheal Curtin, CEO at the D.C. Central Kitchen, says it’s important to remember that for many, the need never fades.

“One of the things that we always want people to understand is that people are hungry 365 days a year,” says Curtin.

At D.C. Central Kitchen, where nearly 5,000 meals are prepared and delivered everyday, Curtin says it’s like Thanksgiving each day of the week. The total meals for the holiday and surrounding days will probably be closer to 6,500.

“We cook thousands and thousands of turkeys throughout the month,” says Curtin.

The hungry aren’t the only ones getting help at D.C. Central Kitchen. About half the staff are former offenders, grateful for a new start. And those who are fed, are always thankful.

And, while Curtin gives food to the hungry, and offers a chance for others to build new lives, he’s thankful as well.

“I am blessed with this opportunity to work with people, to see people’s lives change everyday.”

Now more than 50 cities have community kitchens modeled after the D.C. Central Kitchen, which has been feeding the hungry for 23 years, says Curtin.

For more information, visit the DC Central Kitchen’s website.

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