Chooser cruiser urges revelers to drive sober

A head-turning car is part of a new campaign against drunken driving. The car will be parked outside Arlington nightspots to remind revelers they have two choices to get home at the end of the night.

Andrew Mollenbeck,

ARLINGTON – It’s a police cruiser. It’s a taxi. It’s… a hybrid?

This head-turning car sports the look of a white Arlington County Police car from the front. The back half is a spot-on Arlington Yellow Cab.

In an effort to prevent drunken driving this holiday season, public safety leaders unveiled the two-tone Crown Victoria, dubbed the Chooser Cruiser, Tuesday. The car will be parked near nightlife hotspots to remind revelers they have two options to get home.

Police cars and taxis “both transport people who have over indulged at the end of an evening,” says Kurt Erickson, president of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program.

“We’re hoping that it’s a reminder, a stark reminder, that people have a choice how they’re transported home at the end of an evening,” he says.

The hybrid car and its decal message, “Choose your ride,” will be out as early as Wednesday.

Police describe it as a “mobile billboard” that they will use throughout the holidays, particularly along Clarendon and Wilson boulevards.

“Whether it’s the back seat of a police car or the back seat of a taxicab, it’s all about making the right choice,” Erickson says.

The program will also run SoberRide again this year. Anyone 21 and older can call for a free cab ride (if the fare is less than $30) home from anywhere in the greater D.C. area.

The service is available from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Beginning begins Dec. 14. Riders can call 800-200-TAXI (800-200-8294) to dispatch a participating cab.

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