Cancer survivor receives ‘pink slip’ from doctor

WASHINGTON – At this year’s 9th Annual Living in Pink Luncheon and Boutique, Michelle Conley announced to nearly 400 women that she recently received a pink slip – from her doctor.

“I have to say, it’s the best pink slip I’ve ever gotten,” said Conley, the event’s founder, who told guests that the pink slip was to celebrate 10 years of being cancer free.

Conley, a two-time breast cancer survivor and mother of four, said she was actually “fired” as his patient.

“Thank you, Dr. Smith, for what you’ve done for me and for my family,” said Conley.

The annual luncheon raised money for local breast cancer research and awareness programs. Marie Pennanen, an oncology surgeon, said the programs do help.

“Mammographies are digital and computerized, so we can look at the images on a computer screen and manipulate them to see things better,” said Pennanen. “We have 3D mammography, which can identify breast cancers even before they are seen on standard views. We have sophisticated needle biopsy devices so that the majority of breast biopsies can be done in the least invasive way.”

Pennanen was presented with the Living in Pink Award at the luncheon.

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