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BargainSwoop deals with the cluttered inbox for you by collecting all your daily retail newsletters in one spot. (BargainSwoop screenshot)

Lacey Mason,

WASHINGTON – Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means the scariest day of the year has yet to come.

Black Friday is upon us.

If you’re as scared as I am, you won’t be fighting any crowds for a waffle maker or braving the cold for 6 hours hoping your fingers aren’t too numb to hold on tight to a new DVD player.

But, if you’re brave, BargainSwoop may offer some powerful insight, without a cluttered inbox.

Signing up for email retail newsletters is almost second nature – but after 152 new emails and no idea which are important, you might be pulling your hair out. With BargainSwoop, feel free to unsubscribe from every other newsletter.

Everday, BargainSwoop collects newsletters for your favorite stores all in one place.

If you want newsletters for specific types of shopping, rather than by store, don’t worry. From women’s clothing, to toys or automotives, BargainSwoop has a category.

When you see a newsletter you’re interested in, click the thumbnail to see the full page. Then, click the newsletter to be taken to the website.

The idea is so simple – it’s genius. The best part: You don’t even need to sign up for BargainSwoop itself. No newsletters to tell you about newsletters – phew!

For many stores, like Walmart and Toys”R”Us, Black Friday ads are already appearing. And by sifting through the categories, you can easily find a store and a deal you didn’t know you needed.

A word to the wise: The page automatically reloads new ads when you get to the bottom – so keep the credit card in the wallet.

So take BargainSwoop for a spin and start unsubscribing.

But, sorry. Those “hilarious” forwards from your great aunt? You’ll still get those.

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